Recently Added 5 Star Reviews:

Dec 31, 2018 by Birgland

“Very Professional and efficient. Did a fantastic job on my tundra. Very impressed with job done. Will have him repair dents on my wife’s car as well. Could not have asked for a better job.”

Mar 12, 2016 by Clark’s Outdoor Services Llc

Great Experiences!

“I own a landscape company with several nice work trucks. Along with my work fleet Greg has taken care of my personal vehicles. On occasion, a dent happens and I can always count on Greg to come out to make things perfect again. He is quick to respond and the process is clean and efficient.”

Nov 5, 2014 by David Pinto

Hail Repairs

“I own a paintless dent repair company in New Jersey. I was behind with hail repairs at my body shops and called Greg to help get caught up. He was punctual, professional, and did quality work and got me caught up quickly. I would call him again and recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced PDR Tech.—–“

Jan 31, 2014 by Dan Hammar

Caring, Professional Technician

“Greg is an excellent technician, that takes all of his customers best interests, and repairs to heart. I have worked with, and for Greg, on multiple occasions, and would do it again in a heartbeat.—–“

Sep 26, 2017 by Larry Bishop

True Professional

“My car was hit by a small deer and left some dents on my front passenger door. Did some researching and found Greg via this website. He basically removed the dents and made my door look brand new in short time. He’s a TRUE PRO at what he does. He was very caring and honest. He will be my first call from now on. Thank you Greg!”

Aug 3, 2015 by Steve Cioppa

Greg Is Aces

“I have been working with Greg for approximately 2 1/2 years now. I have seen many PDR techs work over my career of 10 years and not one has came close to what Greg can do. He has a great attitude, is on time, and he can repair what a lot of other techs cannot. Greg makes it easy to get the work in and out and I like the fact that he puts the customer first. We had an Acura MDX in our shop for hail damage, Greg was able to work out every single panel in a matter of a few days, no broken parts from R&I, no traces or evidence of work. Customer was thrilled. The proof is in the pudding – Call Greg – you will not be disappointed. Steve—–“

Jan 29, 2014 by Jon Powell

Greg Is My Only Call

“I make ONE call when I have PDR needs, Greg Ogborne. Fast, reliable, professional, and most of all he ALWAYS comes through for me.

I have seen some hail damage I didn’t think was possible to repair disappear when Greg was done.

I highly recommend to everyone I talk to that they consider Greg when the PDR discussion arises. I recommend you do the same.—–“

Sep 30, 2016 by David Pinto


“All around great technician. I had Greg help me with a local hail storm this summer. He does it all. From estimates, to R and I of trim and headliners, to putting out quality dent repairs! If you have hail in the north east, he is a great tech to bring on board! Work was always done right the first time, and he did damage that is off the hail matrix. He is a go to guy!”

Aug 1, 2015 by Rick Olivo

Greg Ogborne-Professional

“Greg is a professional craftsman. His agreements to project time and cost are met, and his work is superb. He has done work for me from my daily driver (Outback)to my concours show car (rare Porsche). As you would hope in his craft, you’d “never know” he was there——“

Feb 8, 2014 by Robert Argyle

One Of The Best!

“I have had the opportunity to work with Greg on numerous occasions over the years. Greg is a true professional. Every year I call on quality “A” type repair specialists to assist us with repairing Hail Damage when it affects our region. Greg is always one of my first calls due to his no nonsense work ethic and above average skill level. Greg is truly committed to the betterment of this industry. If you’re looking for the best, you’ve come to the right place….—–“